Schools for Schools

Invisible Children had an idea to allow students throughout the United States to compete in an online competition to raise funds for schools in the war-torn nation of Uganda. To vet initial concepts about how the Schools 4 Schools (S4S) site should work, I worked with volunteer staff to conduct surveys in classrooms around the county. These surveys provided insights into the target audience's desires, allowing us to focus on functionality that users really wanted. After extensive wireframing and review sessions with more users, we finalized a solid structure for a social networking community site that empowered participants to interact and compete with schools to raise funds for a common cause. After the initial S4S campaign came to a successful close, resulting in $1,207,376 raised, we distributed a user survey to over 500 avid participants. The resulting response data enabled us to compile UX recommendations for the following year's S4S 2.0 based on features users deemed successful, informative or in need of improvement. The following year, the improved site raised another $1,319,000 and won numerous awards, including "Best of Category, Public Service" at the 7th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards. Visual Design by Javan van Gronigen and Daiga Atvara.

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